Bi-copter implimentation

I would like to implement a bi-copter which I can control manually via an RC and autonomously. I was considering building from scratch but the PixHawk 4 mini seams to include all the hardware needed.
The bi-copter shall be similar to a a V-22 Osprey configuartion.

  1. Is the configuration of a bi-copter supported? As from manuals and videos, the closest I could get to was VTOL but not sure it fits the purpose.
  2. Is it possible to write the control syntax by accessing data from accelerometers, gyros, camera and height sensor, just like I would write to an Arduino?


Hi @Michael_Zerafa , do you have any schematic about your desired configuration? How similar is it to a V-22?

Regarding your second question, yes, you can write your own control algorithms!

Similarity in terms of having two rotors mounted on either side of the fuselage and a holirizontal stabilizer. Most likely the props will not have any form variable pitch for the time being.

The motors will be tilted using servo motors

I did some initial research and did not find much as to what coding the controller involves. Is there a document I can refer to?

It seems to me you are talking about a tilting VTOL Actuator Configuration and Testing | PX4 User Guide , Airframes Reference | PX4 User Guide which is fully supported in PX4
Am I missing something? Is that you won’t have the rear fixed propeller? Tiltrotor VTOL | PX4 User Guide

I saw this configuration, and the description Generic Tiltrotor VTOL looks suitable, but the diagram above it suggests otherwise.

Once again, do you have any schematic of your design? I’m not an expert so I’m a bit lost when you talk about bi-copter


I have finalised the idea to go for the V22 tilt rotor design without variable pitch.
I want to control altitude and automate hovering and auto-land the aircraft as well as enjoy flying it by an RC remote.

Thanks for your time. I am new to RC.

Hi @Michael_Zerafa , If by “variable pitch” you mean that the two propellers are just standard quadrotor propellers and not “helicopter”-like propeller (no swash plate). Then I think you cannot do that without a third rotor. You simply don’t have enough control inputs to stabilize the system.

And even if it is possible (see Building a V22 Osprey - Part 1 - YouTube but be advise, the is a very peculiar mechanical solution on the propellers), it would be a nightmare from the control perspective.