AUX PWM missing in log file


I’m building a VTOL with vertical motors connected to MAIN ports and horizontal motors and servos connected to AUX ports of the FCU.

I have a problem with the log file of the flights I’ve performed: usually pwm values of both MAIN and AUX are logged in the actuator_outputs topic, a Nx16 vector (first 8 components for MAIN and the other for AUX). In this case I cannot see the AUX pwm while in transition from multicopter to fixed wing; throttle and deflection values (which ranges respectively [0, 1] and [-1, 1]) are correctly logged in the actuator_controls_1 topic.

Anyone know where they are logged?



@sfuhrer Might be able to answer this.What version of PX4 are you using - and based on what airframe>?

Thanks! I’m using PX4 v1.12.3dev with a custom airframe (VTOL type is standard); do you need the airframe file?

I don’t, but @sfuhrer might. Silvan, is this something you can advise on. If not, can you tag the right person?

AFAIK MAIN outputs should be logged in actuator_output.0 and AUX in actuator_output.1.
Any chance you could share the log file? Then I could help you for your specific issue, without it gets very hard.

Your suggestion is right: I was logging only actuator_output.0 due to the 16 components vector; adding actuator_output.1 solved the issue.

Thanks for your help!