Author request - reprint authorization request

Dear Moderator…

I am attempting to contact someone with whom I may speak with, regarding obtaining reprint authorization for the The Pixhawk® 3 Pro graphic appearing on the follow web page…

I intend to use the graphic in a chapter of a text that I am currently writing. Who is the proper person to contact and how do I go about contacting them?

I am unable to locate any contact information anywhere that would lead me to speaking with an authorizer or someone who has job responsibility to address this type of request. I appreciate your help!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

I would try to send an email to Drotek to ask.
And maybe @hamishwillee has advice on this?

Drotek would be happy for you to use the image, and indeed you are “allowed” provided you comply with the license.

They would appreciate it if they could review the content before it is published.

Hi BigAl,

I am very pleased to hear about your interest in our Pixhawk 3 Pro autopilot built & tested in collaboration with the PX4 dev team.
Like Hamish said, we would indeed appreciate having a quick look at a draft of the content.
Feel free to reach out to me here :

Many thanks to you both Julian and Hamish for realying BigAl’s request to us.


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Hi Paul…

Thank you for your reply and contact info. I will be sending you the content as I would intend to use it in the chapter, within the next day or so.

I very much appreciate your support of my research.

I want to thank Julian and Hamish for their assistance as well. Thank you both!!

Much appreciated!



Thank you Julian and @hamishwillee

I heard from Paul at Drotek and we will be corresponding to set up usage of the image.

I very much appreciate your help. Thank you both again!!



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