Adding Automatic Configuration Bypass to GPS Module

Hi, I’m working as an intern at Septentrio. We wanted to add a feature to disable automatic GPS receiver setup. This would allow users to keep their receiver configuration and set up their data streams manually with a single parameter, without having to disable all GPS parameters in PX4 individually, which can help during testing or for advanced users. I was wondering whether this feature would be accepted.

In case it would, I also wanted to ask where this should be implemented. Is it something that goes in the PX4/PX4-GPSDrivers repository or should it live in the PX4/PX4-Autopilot one. I feel like it would make more sense in the autopilot code as the drivers themselves don’t “know” about automatic configuration. It’s up to the user of the driver to invoke the GPSHelper::configure() function. This would however require some changes in the drivers as not calling the configure() function will break some of them (for example the SBF driver).

A similar question was asked before on the forums, but that one was about the baud rate specifically. This one is about all of the automatic configuration/setup.