Adapt px4 to microzed board


I’ve to adapt the px4 for the microzed card which runs with Xilinx Zynq-7020 SoC (2 Cortex A9 cores).
So I’ve been looking into the differents targets to see if there’s one quite similar and it look’s like the ocpoc one is quite the same with cortex A9 too.

I’m trying to run the px4 software in windriver pulsar linux (the linux image provided by xilinx) but when I try to run it I’ve the following error:

    -sh: ./px4: No such file or directory

I assume it’s because the executable is not for the architecture of the micrcozed, but when I’m looking into the compilation option of ocpoc I find nothing about any option like I can find for the raspberry for example


Can someone give me a clue of where I can find these option, or any idea to help me?

Thank you for any answer :slight_smile:

For ocpoc the flags are in the toolchain here:

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