3 Crashes With Three different X6100 EFT frames

Hi everyone , I was flying EFT X6100 for mapping mission and the drone dropped in middle of mission in all the flights. Any Help will be appreciated as I am new to the Pixhawk ecosystem. All the crashes were with EFT X6100 Hexacopter. And all of them had new frames.

  1. One time I was flying mica sense red edge
  2. Rest of the times I was flying a costly line scanner weighing 1.6 KG.

Here are the logs



Hey @droneag
Sorry to hear about the crashes.

The first look into the logs show that you were experiencing Accel clipping. This might be due to vibrations from the frame. Maybe you can share how you mounted the flight controller? Or the frame? Are you sure the frame is mounted correctly without any loose points?

One more thing, was there a reason you switched to another firmware version for the last flight? I guess you might have missed re-calibration after downgrading the firmware.

Not sure about the exact course of the crash, but I can see, that the drone is badly tuned, which might have caused this. So I would suggest tuning the drone and try again.

The Flight controller was hard mounted. there was no such loose points. For all the flights I tuned the hexacopter without payload and then flew it with payload.

For all the three crashes we did stable missions few minutes ago.

I didn’t Switched the firmware, I used the old pix hawk that was crashed in the first flight.

I got the error ACCEL clipping and then lost all controls on the drone

Oh yeah, just did a quick read of the log. But your drone is still badly tuned, so I would have a look at that after you fixed the other problem.
I agree with mwbb, that your accel clipping is likely due to vibrations. You have a lot of vibrations on your frame, too much I would say, that most likely is giving you the problem. Where the vibrations arises from I can’t say from the flight log alone.

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