2 PIXHAWK 4 Boards cannot connect to pc

Hi, I’ve used two different Pixhawk 4 boards and both couldn’t connect to the PC after just a bit of usage.
The red and green led are solid, while the blue one is blinking.
The pixhawk also heats up extremely fast.
This is a recurring issue that is extremely infuriating, and I bought the pixhawk from the holybro website.
Developers, do provide a solution, or at least any remedial actions.

Are these brand new boards?
Did you try flashing the firmware? Sometimes they do not come with firmware flashed.
Did you try another USB cable?
Did you try another USB port?

The chance that both boards are defective, is possible, but unlikely.

Hi, there are brand-new boards both bought from holybro and have the px4 firmware flashed in.
I tried using different USB cables and different ports with no effect.

Really have zero idea on what to do since the computer can’t even detect the boards.

I’m experiencing similar issues on new holybro board as well.
Trying to reload the bootloader I get a “Low Voltage on target error”. Seems like the chip is not even powered. It would be nice to receive a feedback from holybro on that