XRCE-DDS using telemetry?

Hello, is it possible to communicate with the drone pixhawk 6C using a telemetry radio and XRCE-DDS? Does it have any guide about this?

Hello @Kelvin_Kefren
I tried to create a link between PC and Pixhawk 6C with SiK Telemetry Radio V3
but it gives me an error that I think it is caused by the baundrate being too slow.

# MAVLink Console
[ERROR][uxrce_dds_client] create entities failed: participant: 255

Anyway, I leave here how to replicate my experiment maybe I made a mistake on something:

  • PX4 configuration
    • MAV_0_CONFIG = 0
    • UXRCE_DDS_CFG = 101 (TELEM1)
    • SER_TEL1_BAUD = 57600 8N1
  • MAVLink console:
    • uxrce_dds_client start -t serial -d /dev/ttyS5 -b 57600 (ttyS5 for TELEM1 for pixhawk 6C)