Would it be possible to use PX4 with a 6 motor tilt wing VTOL?

I’ m working on a project for school that involves the development of a 6 motor VTOL aircraft. Currently the plan is to put 4 motors on the main wing, and 2 motors on the rear elevator.

(please excuse my crude Microsoft paint drawing)

I am not very familiar with multicopter mixers on PX4, however I’m pretty certain that a mixer for this setup does not exist yet. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi, I am interested in finding out if you ever got a reply to this posting.

I never got a reply on here, but I did eventually figure out how to do it on whatever version of px4 existed at the time. It appeared to work, but the code was running on a college project which was underpowered. However we did suspension tests and it appeared to work.

KJ, I would like to talk privately with you about your experience on this. Are you by chance an independant contractor ?

Yes I am, feel free to shoot me a private message on here and we can carry on the conversation from there.

I do not see how to do a private message from this forum.