WiFi bridge for servo controls

I thought I’d post this here in case anyone else might need it for there project. In developing an electric variable pitch rotor, I wrote some basic code that essentially serves as a WiFi bridge for servos. The diagram explains how the servo commands are sent:

There’s a lot of work to be done to add error checking and redundancy to the code, but if there are other projects out there that can use, the code for the ESP32s and the PX4 drivers can be found in the github repostory:

Video of the working rotor is at:

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Interesting, we have similar projects ongoing.
One major concern is radio signal flunctuation or external interference may cause servo out of control

The other problem I see it for a fleet. Adding copters will overload the WiFi. (CSMA/CA Behaviour)

Also if you want to test it in a city, you’ll have the same problem.

Yes, interference is a concern. I’m using this on a large vehicle that wouldn’t be flown in urban areas. Eventually the plan is to have a redundant connection (possible optical).