Why are the photos taken in a row?

We are operating the VTOL aircraft.
The firmware is 1.14.3.

I wonder why you take 2 pictures in a row before the aircraft turns around.

For this reason, sometimes pictures are not taken.

I’m using a Sony A6400, and I’m using DISTANCE BASE shooting mode.

And use GPIO.

Please help me.

@JAEPIL_YOO Are you sure that this is not because of the camera triggering late? Is this also reproducible in SITL? If so, could you share a flight log?


Unable to run SITL right now.
Similar patterns can be found using SIH QUADCOPTERX (ver1.14.3).

In a fixed-wing flight, if the speed increases due to the back wind
The above pattern can cause problems that the shutter speed of the camera cannot keep up with.

@JAEPIL_YOO Without a log it is hard to find out whether the problem is coming from the FMU, or the response of the camera.