Where is Gimbal data in flight log?

Hi guys,

I’m doing a science project that requires reading gimbal pitch, roll, and yaw. I’m flying a 3DR Yuneec H520G with E90 camera. I’ve dug through the wiki parameters, tried uploading logs to the PX4 log viewer, and even dug through the raw flight logs with no luck. Can anyone help?

Flight log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8trkb0ao0um332/log_69_2019-9-26-10-06-48_.zip?dl=0

I kept on tinkering and found that all recorded videos from the E90 have a subtitle with the gimbal telemetry. This is useful should this be the last report. If anybody can still point me to where it could be in the flight log I’d very much appreciate it.