What's the state of the art GCS setups that are supported by PX4?


Looking at the DJI lineup of products, they have a pretty good radio system that works with a mobile phone/ iPad . This has definitely played its part in making the product more accessible.

On the Open source front, I’ve seen the RFD 900 +Laptop used the most, and the HereLink is starting to gain popularity. The HereLink looks like a nice integrated solution. I’ve had personally poor experience with the RFD900.

What kind of devices setups are commonly used on the PX4 front?
Is it leaning towards mobile or are Laptops the king?

Would love to hear more about this! :smile:

I use a Taranis radio and a Holybro telemetry radio with an Android tablet running QGC. I use the Android tablet because IOS will not allow connection to the serial port of the Holybro telemetry radio.
A laptop is awkward and too big. You still need to maintain VLOS and a laptop has mobility issues.
In the shop I have a MBP that I run QGC on to get logs an tweak configuration.

As I understand it, to access the Serial port on the lightning connector, one needs to apply for the Made for apple Program. Probably why very few support it.

Are there any other Companies or drones in the PX4 ecosystem that make use of the Made for Apple program to directly use DJI as a GCS?

You can get a TX/RX with telem module that sends the telem to WiFI or BT so it can work on IOS.
The is also a way to put the serial telem on WiFI.