Vtol plane with tilt Tricopter setup

Hi, is there any way to program the Vtol plane with tilt Tricopter connection to Pixhawk 4.


If I understand it well, it can’t just be set up on px4. There are only 8 connectors on the distribution board, but you can’t program a tilt tricopter plane.
Can someone advise me how to program it on px4.

Convergence only partially addresses this problem.


To be up front, I’ve not used the Pixhawk 4 nor the Convergence airframe but don’t understand your issue? The Convergence only uses 7 of the 8 MAIN ports from I/O PWM Out. Or am I missing something?

Good luck.

Hi, I don’t think you can program this on Pixhawk 4:

Because there’s only 8 ports.
This port requires 10 ports

Do I understand this correctly?


Modifying the mixer should address that. @JulianOes @AndreasAntener @sanderux Could you please chime and point to the right direction to make it work?

Good luck.