V1.9 Software "Release notes preview"

I saw the preview notes on V1.9 in March. There was a note about reliablity…
“goal is to push it up further towards an industrial level of reliability and towards certifiable safety”

Can you comment on what this means - are you trying to certify the software towards some standard like DO-178?


you might find what you are looking for here

Thanks. Very useful. I even saw a reference to DO-178C in there.

Has anyone every flown a drone or aircraft with px4 code in it?

Someone probably has, but it would be wildly irresponsible.
Regarding 178C, it’s near impossible to retrospectively certify to that standard, as it includes the full development cycle.

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Hi, sorry I couldn’t find any proof linking pixhawk software with DO-178C. Could you help me out in this? Also are there any other avionics standards that pixhawk is bounded to?