Use MAVLink for transmitting IMU data

Hi guys,
I’m working on a project right now where I want to transmit data wirelessly from an IMU that is mounted onto a drone to a Laptop on the ground. The problem is that my knowledge and skills in terms of RC protocolls are pretty limited.
I did some research and I’m thinking about using MAVLink as the protocoll. Also i want to use a STM32 to collect the IMU data. Using a RF transceiver, that is connected to the STM32 via UART, I want to transmit the IMU data to another RF transceiver on the ground (RF transceiver: 3DR Radio Telemetry 433mhz Data Telemetry | MYBOTSHOP.DE, 134,95 €).
Do you guys think, that this is possible or am I on the wrong track?

Kind regards