Usb to usb

Is it possible to use the usb output of px4 as an input to a usb dongle?
or is this form of connection impossible?

@manotroll In what use do you want to do this? what kind of dongle are we talking about?

We normally do not consider it safe to fly and therefore the system will usually prevent you from arming with a usb connection. However, you can use the circuit breaker to disable the check.

my idea would be to use rtl2832u r820t2 to receive ADS-B
because it is cheap and has the drivers for linux or would not it be that simple?

You could also consider using an FTDI adapter and connecting the dongle to one of the UART ports. That would be safer.

Px4 is a USB slave, not a USB host, so you can’t do this without writing a new USB driver afaik.

creating a driver would be complicated for me i do not understand programming at all

@manotroll If you want rtl2832u for ADS-B why not use a companion computer on board and plug the USB dongle onto that?

You can use a raspberry Pi which is fairly cheap

only went to find out after that it was possible to assemble one with PI