Unable to read UART Data from serial Port

I am trying to read data from the UART port telem2 i.e /dev/ttyS2 in pixhawk cube, but read() returns -1 and errno is 11. write() is working properly as I am able to send data to uart and read it from my laptop which is connected to pixhawk using a FTDI cable to telem2. I
went through the uart tests in systemcmd tests for reference, but for some reasons cant get the read() working properly. Any suggestions on where I might be going wrong?

Here is the code for reading data on pixhwak

int dp_uart_test_main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  /* input handling */
  char *uart_name = "/dev/ttyS2";

  if (argc > 1) {
    uart_name = argv[1];

  /* assuming NuttShell is on UART1 (/dev/ttyS0) */
  int test_uart = open(uart_name, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY); //

  if (test_uart < 0) {
    printf("ERROR opening UART %s, aborting..\n", uart_name);
    return test_uart;

  } else {
    printf("Writing to UART %s\n", uart_name);

  // sete the badrate to match in terminbal
  struct termios uart2_config;
  int termios_state = 0;
  // int ret = 0;
  if ((termios_state = tcgetattr(test_uart, &uart2_config)) < 0) {
    printf("ERROR getting termios config for UART2: %d\n", termios_state);
    // ret = termios_state;
  if (cfsetispeed(&uart2_config, B57600) < 0 ||
      cfsetospeed(&uart2_config, B57600) < 0) {
    printf("ERROR setting termios config for UART2: %d\n", termios_state);
  // uart2_config.c_cflag = CRTSCTS | CS8 | CLOCAL | CREAD;
  if ((termios_state = tcsetattr(test_uart, TCSANOW, &uart2_config)) < 0) {
    printf("ERROR setting termios config for UART2\n");

  // char sample_test_uart[25]; // = {'S', 'A', 'M', 'P', 'L', 'E', ' ', '\n'};

  // int l, n;
  // l = 1;

  // uint64_t start_time = 0;
  // n = sprintf(sample_test_uart, "Hello from other side\n");
  // char j;
  // for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
  //   j = sample_test_uart[i];
  //   write(test_uart, &j, 1);
  // }
  fcntl(test_uart, F_SETFL, 0);
  uart2_config.c_cflag = CRTSCTS | CS8 | CLOCAL | CREAD;
  uart2_config.c_iflag = IGNPAR | ICRNL;
  tcflush(test_uart, TCIFLUSH);
  tcsetattr(test_uart, TCSANOW, &uart2_config);
  // int interval = 0 - start_time;

  // int bytes = l * sizeof(sample_test_uart);

  // printf("Wrote %d byteson UART %s\n", bytes, uart_name);

  int readval = 0;
  int count = 0;
  char *readbuf = malloc(10);
  do {
    readval = read(test_uart, readbuf, 9);
    if (readval < 0) {
      printf("\n err : %d", errno);
      perror("so this is the error");
    printf("\n read :%s len : %d\n", readbuf, readval);
  } while (count < 100);


  return 0;

Here’s how I am sending and receiving data on my system :

port = serial.Serial("/dev/ttyUSB0", baudrate=57600)

while True:
    # recv = port.readline()
    # print(recv)
    # print("recieved now sending")
    wr = port.write(b"ack\n")
    print("bytes written ", wr)
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I assume the UART is already used/occupied by another module. You should try to disable anything else using it.

Is there any way in which I can shutdown all activities going through the port? Cuz Apart from the write() function I cant find any other module using the telem2 port. And secondly I was trying to run the uart_loopback test under systemcmds tests , but that too doesnt seems to be working.

@JulianOes Is there any UART read/write example that I can refer to and debug my issue?

You could use any of the serial drivers as a reference to work from. For example, there’s a number of GPS and LIDAR drivers using serial connections.

I am able to read from TELEM1. But I get a lot of garbage value, unless I switch off the Mavlink protocol in TELEM1. Here read and write functions are working as expected. But in TELEM2 I cant read anything. I think this might be because I am missing some parameter settings . So inorder to make TELEM2 work properly which parameters what all configurations do i need to change?

Garbage is probably MAVLink because it’s a binary protocol.

Yeah . Any suggestions on TELEM2 parameters?


I did go through this documentation before testing things out. But still couldn’t get it working. I believe the problem is in the hardware, faulty port or power issue. I was running ardupilot’s SITL and using FTDI cables connected telemetry radio to TELEM1 and my Companion computer to TELEM2 in SITL and I got the entire setup working properly. But if I use the actual hardware to do that Telem2 doesnt work. So I think this has to do something with the Hardware.
Is there anything else I can do to test whether it is hardware problem or not?

If Telem2 doesn’t work with ArduPilot and PX4 then - I would say - it’s likely that it’s a hardware issue.

Yes. I also think so. As I tried using telem2 through SITL in Ardupilot but the same thin was not working on actual Hardware. So I believe it is hardware issue.

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I can refer to and debug my issue?

Are you able to read it now? I am having the same problem. Please help.

How can we check whether ttyS2 is occupied by another task or is there any conflicting operation? is there is a command I can use?


has anyone seen the error in the tabular column for the GPS2 pin configuration for the CUBE and the GPS1 port pin configuration. The pin 2 & Pin 3 of these ports are contradicting each other or ONLY the description may have a typo error .
The Cube Module Overview - CubePilot