UAVCAN servo not recognized as a node


I’m trying to adjust the UAVCAN drivers of PX4 such that it also supports servos. To my knowledge, UAVCAN itself already supports servos (actuators) and they should thus be automatically enumerated and displayed in the status overview of the uavcan driver as this also happens when I plug in an esc. For the esc, this indeed happens, but not for the servo.

Is there some intended restriction that prevents UAVCAN servos to be enumerated and their status printed by typing uavcan status in the shell? The raw canbus status does show that frames are sent and received.

I’m not talking about actively controlling them yet, just enumeration of the can node.

How would it know that a servo is plugged in?
ESC can be queried.

The servo sends out a message at an interval. This is received by the can peripheral, so I would think that, since the UAVCAN protocol supports servos, it is automatically added as a node in the UAVCAN library code (which is also used to print the node status)

I see you might enter an issue for this on the PX4 git repo because it sounds like it should work.
Looks like a bug to me.

I just submitted a bugreport on github, thanks for your input!