Hi everyone,

I am quite new to PX4 and SITL itself. I have a rather ordinary question. Is it possible to use SITL to simulate a UAVCAN based device and write/test applications for that device. I am working on project with a company that is using UAVCAN based sensors in their drone. I have the task to write some modules to be used on the drone. However, since I don’t have the actual hardware, how do I make sure the module I write will work on the actual UAVCAN based device as well?

Any help or pointers in this regard will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, This was shared to slack on your behalf. The response was:

@Jacob_Crabill : Now that @Peter van der Perk added a SocketCAN driver for UAVCAN v0, this is a feature I’d like to implement. It should be doable, but I don’t think it will just work as-is right now.

So the answer is no, not right now. Hopefully in future.