UAVCAN execution in px4

Sorry Niranjan, I’m not going to be much help with regard to this. I don’t really use QGroundControl. I would probably put some print statements in your code. perhaps in an “info” call, that prints your data to the NSH console. See something like mc_pos_control_main.cpp at the bottom of the file where the option for a status argument when calling the function is called. You could do something like that to check your values.

Alternatively, and actually a much better way, would be to connect to the NSH console and use “listener my_orb_topic”

This will show you the current value of your published data. If this doesn’t work, then something is wrong with your code.

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Thank you for your inputs.I was not able to reach till here until yesterday. Thanks for all the inputs so far.
I would give a try and get back to you .
Thank you
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