Two flights with X500, one succesful and one was not

Here is the 1st flight report. On this one everything was OK to some extends, although I still do not understand this late feedback ( The drone seems a bit late responsive to RC commands):

Here comes the 2nd flight which went to crash. However, I was not piloting this so I do not know what happened exactly, but what I realized is that after two pitch commands in a row the drone did not respond to pitch back and went forward directly till it crashed.

Thanks for the tests! I did not find a clear root software cause on the first pass - but Iā€™d like to go again through it before calling the outcome.

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In second flight vibrations level is much higher than in first flight, and almost always in danger zone.
And motors is very noisy in second flight. As I can see you changed MC_ROLLRATE_D and MC_ROLLRATE_K PID params between this two flights - may be this is the cause?

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Yes, I changed cause some hardware changes were there.