Turning off 'actuator locked position' at Power-up

The default power-up procedure does the following:

  1. Power-up.
  • All actuators locked into disarmed position
  • Not possible to arm.
    The actuators are locked into position using a PWD signal. Is it possible to turn this behavior off? That is, can we keep the actuators completely turned off? A useful analogy: The actuators should act like a dead fish after Power up. It currently acts like a (stiff) human corpse.

Note that we are using a pre-arm button. We go through the standard steps: 1. Power-Up 2. Pre-arm 3. Arm.

I can’t find any relevant parameters for this in the documentation. Contrarily, Ardupilot does this by default.

Is there an easy fix? Or does this need some serious programming?