Trying to get "LOG_DATA" in a js/electron app

Hi, im making an App who takes the “LOG_DATA”. The problem is when im printing the data, it is slow, like 90 bytes per 5 second (because without the setInterval didnt print nothing).Did any one already do something like this?

This is the interval, i take the i from a list of Entry_Data
intervalo = setInterval(() => {

requestList2 = new mavlink.messages.log_request_data(0, 0, i, (90 * num), 90);

l = new Buffer.from(requestList2.pack(mavlinkParser));


}, 500);

and this is the LOG_DATA

mavlinkParser.on(“LOG_DATA”, function (logRequest) {
pintar =;


if (logRequest.count == 0) {