TinyPICO for wifi telemetry

I have acquired a TinyPICO ESP32 Development Board for wifi telemetry. I followed the instructions in https://docs.px4.io/main/en/telemetry/esp32_wifi_module.html. However, I have some troubles, because the wifi network is hardly visible (most of the time not, and no chance to connect). I am not quite sure whether I have connected the board correctly. Where do I have to connect the TX/RX lines?

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There is a schema On the page for connection

TinyPICO is not compatible with the standard build of the DroneBridge for ESP 32 software. Pin 17 is used internally and any attempt to use it for TX/RX will crash the board.There is a custom build which works with TinyPICO at https://github.com/DroneBridge/ESP32/files/9126695/DB_ESP32_ALT_UART.zip.

Many thanks to the maintainer of DroneBridge to provide this custom build.