Test simultaneously different pwm values

Hi everyone !

I would like to test simultaneously different pwm values on two distinct channels. The NSH command ‘pwm test’ does not allow me to send different pwm signal on different channels:

I would like for example to send 1200 us on channel 1 and 1500 us on channel 2.

Is there an easy way to do that ? (I’m using the Pixhawk mini and use the NSH console from MissionPlanner)



You could background the first and immediately call the second.

pwm test -c 1 -p 1200 &
pwm test -c 2 -p 1500

If this isn’t sufficient I’d recommend doing it higher level (setup a mixer and send the commands over mavlink).

Cool, exactly what I was looking for ! :slight_smile:


So now it works fine but i would like to know if it is possible to kill those background ‘pwm test’ process. The ‘kill -9 340’ (where 340 is my pid value from a call to ‘ps’) does not seems to work.

Is is possible to bring a background process to foreground ? or to simply kill it ?

Because now I need to restart the Pixhawk every time to try another set of pwm values…



I’m not sure, but if you need something more advanced personally I’d start thinking about writing code to do it either over mavlink or in a new app. You could also look at the motor_ramp test command. https://dev.px4.io/en/middleware/modules_command.html#motorramp