Takeoff does not change PWM signal

Hi guys,
Whenever I do commander takeoff I get the following message:
INFO [commander] Takeoff detected
However, I do not see any change in the PWM signal of the motor, where for the calibration and arming I do see a change, when I do commander status I get the following:
INFO [commander] arming: ARMED
And when I do mc_pos_control status i get:
INFO [mc_pos_control] Running, active flight task: 8

The startup script I am running:
uorb start
param set SYS_AUTOSTART 4001
param set MAV_BROADCAST 1
param set MAV_TYPE 2
param set BAT_CNT_V_VOLT 0.001
param set BAT_V_DIV 10.9176300578
param set BAT_CNT_V_CURR 0.001
param set BAT_A_PER_V 15.391030303
param set BAT_CAPACITY 4000
param set BAT_N_CELLS 4
param set COM_RC_IN_MODE 1
param set SYS_HAS_MAG 0
param set CBRK_GPSFAIL 240024
dataman start
topic_baro start
topic_bmi088 start
topic_battery_fake start
gps start -f
sensors start
commander start
navigator start
local_position_estimator start
land_detector start multicopter
mc_pos_control start
mc_att_control start
mavlink start -x -u 14556 -r 1000000
mavlink stream -u 14556 -s HIGHRES_IMU -r 50
mavlink stream -u 14556 -s ATTITUDE -r 50
linux_pwm_out start
mavlink boot_complete

Is there something I did wrong or simply forgot to run?