Tailsitter pwm servo, (zero /delayed) response in max travel

i’m using px4_fmu_v5 master branch ,It seems that when i move the servo to the maximum position(right) from rc, it doesn’t respond to the commands from the rc until it i move it to the opposite maximum.(left). when i move it to the mid position it doesn’t respond to the rc input. however when i move it to the opposite maximum position it moves the intended way but with a delayed response.
I have attached the video here, is this intended behavior or is there some bug in
this? How should i debug this?

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

I think this could be normal when you excite the yaw actuators on the ground, as the integrators fill up (as the vehicle doesn’t follow the setpoint), leading to the elevons still being deflected after the stick is back at neutral.
You could try how it looks like if you move the yaw stick to one side, then back to center, then yaw the vehicle in the direction of the command --> the elevons should go back to neutral.

Thanks @sfuhrer for the explanation.