Support KTD202x RGB LED Driver

Currently supported RGB LED driver ICs in PX4 are either too bulky, or in BGA/CSP package which leads to much higher defect rate during assembly process. For hardware designers neither cases worth the costs as it is just a simple LED driver IC.

KTD202x is a driver IC that can save both. It has very small footprint (1.5 x 1.5 mm), while still in a UDFN package that has very solid performance even in manual assembly process. This could benefit all PX4 hardware designers, especially for high density and compact size components.

A software driver to support this IC for PX4 system has been implemented recently and submitted as a pull request to PX4 GitHub repo.

Brief information about this driver implementation:

  • support both KTD2026 (RGB) and KTD2027(RGBW)

  • auto-scan through 3 alternative I2C addresses.

  • configurable output current (brightness) through command line argument.

  • configurable RGB channel order through command line argument. W channel always goes to 4th channel in KTD2027.

For more details, please check the Pull Request in PX4 GitHub repo. Comments are welcome.

Any comments on this ?