Support individual PWM disarmed settings in linux_pwm_out for Navio2/Linux controllers

Hi everyone,

I have a Navio2 running PX4 driving 3 ESCs and 2 servos on a drone (tricopter with 2 tilting rotors). When disarmed, all PWM outputs are set to PWM_DISARMED (e.g. 900) by linux_pwm_out. This moves the two servos to their extreme end position which is not ideal. I needed them to be centered (e.g. 1500).

I managed to fork/clone and modify linux_pwm_out.cpp to support individual disarmed values with PWM_MAIN_DIS* parameters similar to what NuttX based FC have via pwm command.

How should I go about committing this to the master branch? Should I open an issue then do a pull request. I’ve read the guidelines but wanted to see if anyone has experience adding a feature that can help me out.

The commit to my forked repo is here:


Thanks for bringing this up. I would create a pull request and then we can discuss it there.