Stall Speed

Hello all,as you now know I’m new to this Hobby and profession any how I’ve been trying to catch up and so I’ve been getting information from anywhere I can one place which I believe is really good is the Smithsonian channel and I watch air traffic disasters, for pointers on what not to do and to learn as much as I can on flying ,so I saw the story on icing, forming on the wing learnt that stalling is the absence of lift and that a planes wing only need a micro layer to form to cause such an affect ,my question then dose laminating ones foam plane take away any lift property from the wing, and do you pros. have a preference weather to skin or not. And has there been any studies or experiment to say other wise. Yes I’m getting close to maiden, and I want every advantage I can get. All responses would be very appreciated THANK YOU ALL FOR YOU RESPONCES.

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I think your asking if a smooth wing surface is ‘better’ or not than a rough surface. And there is no straight forward answer.

It is highly dependent on your speed (and other factors), simply put, you want a smooth surface if your going fast. But it is likely that you can go slower when its rough (at a low wing load).
So smoothing out a foam wing can cause it to stall at a lower speed.

My advice is don’t focus on stuff like this, focus on weight! It will likely have a much greater impact and there is no real downside to a lower weight.

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THANK YOU Nando I like your advice and answer,