Spektrum AR8020T and NX8 with Pixhawk 6X no connection

I have started to assemble my device and I am trying to connect the radio to my system.
I have wired the Spektrum AR8020T as follows:
Pixhawk 6X DSM RC <> Spektrum AR8020T

  • Pin 1 <> +
  • Pin 2 <> -
  • Pin 3 <> S

    I had a really hard time find the wiring and translated it from the Pixhawk 4. I would love to have a nice wiring diagramm for those receivers in the documentation.

But as I try to calibrate the remote to the controller in QGroundControl, it gives me an error that it didn’t detect any channels. (Detected 0 radio channels)

So I used my osziloscope to see what the commuincation on the yellow wire (S Signal from the receiver) and I got that:

I don’t know if the receiver is defective or my Pixhawk 6X. I also have a Pixhawk 4 laying around to test.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I also have now disconnected the data signal and measured its output which is about the same as when it is connected to the Pixhawk.