[Snapdragon Flight] Delete log files generated by PX4 in Read-only file system

Hi all,

I uploaded code and run px4 on Snappy without using any SD card. The memory is full due to the log files generated by PX4 program. They are stored in /root/log/ folder and have a size of 1.9GB. I’m trying to delete them but I got messages like > “rm: cannot remove ‘log/2016-11-09/postflight_perf00_27_40.txt’: Read-only file system”. I tried to remount the device by "mount -o remount,rw “/dev/mmcblk0p13"” but failed > “mount: cannot remount block device /dev/mmcblk0p13 read-write, is write-protected”.

Without free space, I couldn’t run any program now. So how should I delete these log files to free space to run my program?


Usually, the steps described here do the trick:

But if the file system is write protected, it would suggest that the file system is corrupt, or you’re looking at the wrong partition.