Skywalker X8 Crash

It is very sad to say that my Skywalker X8 flight got crashed.


Hand Launched. Used only Throttle stick in FBWA.
Plane started to glide and suddenly it rolled left and crashed.

After crash I checked my Control surfaces and it’s perfectly configured.
I used FBWA mode and it worked.

After checking the logs I found that both Compass and Magnetometer got failed.
I’ve successfully did all the calibration and the plane got Armed after all.
My CG and weight balance was fine.

My analysis:
I’ve enabled AHRS_EKF_TYPE and EK2_ENABLE in mission planner and used parameter 2 and 1 respectively. I did my Mag calibration successfully. But I don’t know what happened really.

I attached my log file links. Hope someone can understand and can help me out of this problem.

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It sounds like you are using APM/ArduPlane. I suggest that you ask in the APM forums. This forum is for the PX4 software.