Skydio2 and QGC

I’m new to the forum and to QGC. I’ve been able to us QGC with a skydio x2 but I can’t get it to work with a Skydio 2. Are the two compatible? I’ve not been able to find any information on the subject.

AFAIK the Skydio 2 doesn not support MAVLink which is what QGC uses to talk to the Skydio X2 and any other drone. The question you need to ask Skydio is “which of your drones support MAVLink?” and whatever the list is, thats what QGC supports.

So… in simple english for a simple minded person… QGC does not work with the smaller Skydio2… correct?

Sorry, I am not a techie person… The instruction say push a button, I push a button. It says connect a cable I connect a cable… I don’t have a clue what the firmware does in the backgound…:slight_smile: