SiK with TBS 915Mhz

Looking for some guidance on this. I’m using TBS crossfire in the US at 915Mhz for R/C control of my wing. I have the Holybro 915Mhz SiK Telemetry radios that I could use for Telemetry QGC link. Will these interfere with each other? Forgive me if it’s an obvious answer. I know they are the same frequency, but not sure how if they operate in the same way. It seems to work on the bench without interfering with each other, but do not want to find out the hard way during flight. Thanks in advance!

In general I would say yes they potentially interfere, however, you might be able to separate them by making sure the channels don’t overlap. You have to read up on both devices on what channels/frequencies they exactly operate on (or maybe it’s the whole band with frequency hopping) to know.

Thanks! Both radios use frequency hopping protocol.

Interesting. In that case it’s probably hard to know unless you test it.