SF11/C Enabling causes uncontactable Pixhawk


I am trying to get the SFC/11 from LightWare working with one of our Octocopters, and I think I have come across a bug…

QGroundControl: 3.1.2
PixHawk 1.2
Bootloader: 4
Firmware: 1.5.4 stable px4fmu-v2_defualt.px4 (as of 15/01/17)
SFC11/C connected to I2C address set to 0x66 as per: http://dev.px4.io/sf1xx_lidar_setup.html

All other sections of the Pixhawk have been configures (Octo, calibration etc. all complete), when I change the SENS_EN_SF1XX to 4 (or SF11/C) and reboot, the PX4 boots up, plays it’s successful start up tune but I am unable to connect via mavlink through USB or wireless (915) connection. Connection fails in Mission planner as well.

In addition, using the firmware upgrade to wipe the system and reload the same firmware doesn’t allow me to connect to the Pixhawk via USB or wireless (915), I have to load up Mission Planner and load adrupilot via mission planner, and then re-load PX4 in qgroundcontrol.

Any assistance to trouble shoot, or any additional information that I can provide, let me know.