Set_takeoff_altitude commnd fails

I have tried to use the command set_takeoff_altitude with the following code:

const Action::Result takeoff_altitude_result = action->set_takeoff_altitude(1.5);
if (takeoff_altitude_result != Action::Result::SUCCESS) {
std::cout << ERROR_CONSOLE_TEXT << “Altitude setting failed:” << Action::result_str(takeoff_altitude_result)
<< NORMAL_CONSOLE_TEXT << std::endl;
return 1;
This part of code is located just after arming (that works) and before sending Action->takeoff()

This is the error log I receive:

Error: get param busy timeout: CAL_GYRO0_ID
[05:14:05|Error] Error: Param for gyro cal failed.
[05:14:06|Error] Error: get param busy timeout: CAL_ACC0_ID
[05:14:06|Error] Error: Param for accel cal failed.
[05:14:06|Error] Error: get param busy timeout: CAL_MAG0_ID
[05:14:06|Error] Error: Param for mag cal failed.

[05:14:07|Error] Error: get param busy timeout: SYS_HITL
[05:14:07|Error] Error: Param to determine hitl failed.

[05:14:08|Error] Error: set param busy timeout: MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT

Any suggestions?


Additional information: the command get_takeoff_altitude also fails with the same messages. The result I get is “PARAMETER ERROR” 11

By the way. I have also tried the same command (get_takeoff_altitude) using the python vesion of mavsdk and I get the same error.

Is there anyone who tried these commands succesfully?.