Set RC channel for group 0 slot 5 (spoiler)

I would like to set the RC channel for the group 0 slot 5. How do I do that? I am able to set it for the flap channel and landing gear, but I don’t see any parameters to set for spoiler or airbrakes. My MAV_TYPE is set to 4 if that makes any difference.

Did you figure this out? I am also trying to set up airbrakes and spoilers.

Unfortunately no one responded. I worked around it by using a raw group aux channel (3). Not really what I wanted to do

It depends on the controller and a few other things. If you fully describe what you need we can open appropriate issues for PX4 and QGC.

Basically the mixer page shows group 0 has slot 4 for flaps, slot 5 spoilers, 6 for airbrakes, and 7 for gear. You can set the gear channel with a parameter and the flaps, but I can’t find one for the spoilers or airbrakes. I want to use the controls for something different, but would like them to be in the same group if possible. In the interim, I am using group 3 aux slots 1-3 because I can set that parameter. Just seems like there should be a matching parameter for the spoilers and airbrakes in the main control group. I am using it for software I am writing for the Pixhawk V2 cube and I’m trying to set it in QGC. Does that help clarify? I’m more than happy to provide more info or discuss it with you further. Thanks.

You can see how it’s actually implemented here. It could definitely be improved.

4 - FLAPS - flaps switch
6 - AIRBRAKES - flaperons (like flaps, but with separate scaling)
7 - GEAR - AUX3

you can modify you mixer file.