Set flight time and area covered before flight-planning

Can we keep a pre-set flight time, such that when we plan a survey or any autonomous mission beyond certain time. Qgroundcontrol should give me a warning.

For example: my drone endurance is only for 25mins. So when I plan a survey for more than 25 mins, qgroundcontrol should give me a warning.

Same goes with the area I am covering. So, the maximum my drone can do 0.4sqkms. So when I plan more than that, it should give me a warning.
Do we have such options.

Thank You

Custom builds have the ability to be modified to tell you how many batteries you need for a flight. Regular QGC does not have that capability. It requires QGC to know the battery drain rates of the vehicle you are flying. Maybe at some point in the future that will become a vehicle profile setting. But not supported now.