Send pwm values to motors

Hello, I just want to send a pwm signal for the motors. That way I can implement my own controller. Is it possible?
I tried mavros, mavsdk. But couldn’t make it work.

Yes, this functionality has been removed, as far as I’m aware.

If I remember right, the only way to do so is to use the ROS 2 bridge.

That is very bad news. Thank you for the answer @JulianOes .
So the only way now is using the xrce dds protocol, using the fmu/in/actuator_motors ( ros2 topic) to send the pwm?
I did some research, and I need to use a computer companion for this method.
Do you know if I can use a telemetry radio with this protocol, instead of using mavlink? I did not find any guide about this.

Do you know/remember in which version this feature was available?

If I remember right v1.13.