Rover mode coexistence - Snapdragon flight

I intend to use snapdragon flight to switch between rover and flight modes seamlessly. I have Pololu Maestro Servo Controller to I plan to integrate with ESC uart on snapdragon flight to control rover and rotor ESCs.
I want the Qgroundcontrol to allow planning a flight + ground based mission, so I may not want to configure it for just a rover.
I envision the switch to rover mode to happen on a successful landing which causes the rover app to disarm the PWM channels for rotors and arms the rover PWM channels while keeping the state of the system and other apps as consistent and coherent as possible.
As a newbie to PX4, I see the solution as one rover app with a couple of new message definitions and minimal tweaking on other modules.
Does ROS help in this regard ? I would’nt want a parallel system and have to make a hard switch between two system states. Could someone suggest a better approach that would be aligned with the design principles of the overall system factoring in jmavsim, qgroundcontrol etc?


Some insights from your vast experience would be very helpful.


So your goal is to combine both rover and multicopter in the same autopilot? It sounds like some aspects of the way VTOL currently works apply. Both controllers are running, but the system shares overall ARM state and modes. The VTOL controller handles switching control between MC and FW.

Thanks for the clue, that is helpful. I will dig into the similarities,

@Venu_Annamraju better PX4 rover support coming soon.

Did you find an answer to this? Same question on my side.