Ros2 actuator controls 0 publisher

I’m trying to use px4 as the low-level interface to motors/sensors for my ros2 rover robot.

I’ve configured the micrortps bridge, and I can successfully get data to/from the flight controller.

I’ve been having issues getting the rover position controller to work for me as I’m wanting to publish a rate setpoint (specifically thrust and yaw-rate). So I’m trying to go another level down and publish actuator controls directly.

If I stop the rover_pos_control, I can see that the actuator controls 0 topic has messages coming in from the ros2 side at 10hz.

At one point I could publish on (ros2) /ActuatorControls0_PubSubTopic, and wheels would move accordingly. (at least until I went to bed and came back the next day) Now I can’t get it working again. No Idea what’s changed!

So my questions are:

  1. Does the mixer require any other additional inputs/states in order for it to accept the actuator controls and output the pwm?
  2. I do see that it’s looking for the armed state. I assume that if px4 is “flying” (even though this is a rover application…) and in manual, position control, or hold, then the actuators are “armed”. Right?
  3. I see that the rover pos controller publishes actuator controls at 200hz. Does the mixer have any sort of rate requirements?
  4. Anything else that I’m missing that might be causing this?

Thanks for your help!