ROS Interface On Triple Redundancy

I’m using 3 x PX4 to have triple redundancy. I want to run the “Software in the Loop” at Gazebo so I need an “intermediate program” (to simulate a physical redundancy board) where the final selection (the best or active PX4) is made. Therefore the data from each PX4 (actuators and computed status from the selection algorithm) will be redirected to the intermediate program instead of Gazebo and the intermediate program will redirect the actuators data from the active PX4 to Gazebo. The data from Gazebo will be sent to all the three PX4 sensors. Will it be easier using MAVROS and ROS to publish and subscribe “data nodes” between PX4, Intermediate program and Gazebo? There is a lot of data to communicate in real time and I want to avoid to implement sockets, servers and clients on the 3 interfaces.