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in the last “Pixhawk Hardware Standards Weekly Call” we started the discussion around FMUv6X and introduced a proposal for the pinout in Pixhawk Autopilot Reference Standard. The design is based on the STM32H7 and its architecture is similar to v5X.

Please have a look at the v6X specification and comment in this thread. We are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions, feature requests and requirements you would like to include in the next Pixhawk autopilot reference standard.

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@MichaelSchaeuble @david_s5, please see CUAV’s input here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qg8GIY0qh2AOmKbElqvtWktB5PDDyxq5EAF0mvxkcbk/edit

" CAN2 BUS and Hi-Speed ​​USB “Compatible” with Multi-Way Switch"

Is there any considerations of heat dissipation for fmuv6? According to my test the temperature of stm32f765 can reach about 60 degrees within 35*35mm pcb area. The frequency of stm32h743 is much higher than stm32f765. So the heat will be higher. I am afraid the cpu temperature will exceed the 70 degree limit without auxiliary heat dissipation.

:+1: Thanks for the post @MichaelSchaeuble.

@MichaelSchaeuble I can see that the on the v6 board folder, there is base for some bootloader based on nuttx, is that the thought?