Resource overrides in Stable 4.0

I am experimenting with QGC resource overrides. The code in the master branch allows for resource overrides by using exclusion files. However, it seems that code in Stable 4.0 cannot make use of that facility. I am trying to override SimpleItemEditor.qml with Stable 4.0. What would be the best way of achieving that? I have copied the qml in my custom build. The most straightforward way I could think of was to override the resource definition in qgroundcontrol.qrc. I am not sure if it the best way though. I would greatly appreciate any inputs! Thanks and regards.

Why do you say that? Resource override should work the same.

Thanks for your reply, Don. I am a noob with QGC, so please excuse my comments if they are wrong. I went through the instructions for resource overrides which refer to and the exclusion files. Since these files are not available in the stable 4.0 branch, I thought that I cannot use them to override resources. Did you mean to say that if I copy the exclusion files and to my custom build, I should be able to override the resources that way? I have not tried that yet though. Thanks!

Ah, ok. That’s an oversight with Stable. You should be able to pull the python script over master and use it with stable with your own exclusion files.

All of that said that are major improvements/changes to custom build support on master. If you are starting a new project I would recommend starting from there. We are in the process of moving master to the next Stable. It will take some time but it is coming.

Great, thanks! I tried overriding resources by copying files from master and it works well. It also seems that currently you cannot override resources in qgcimages.qrc. Is there any specific reason for that?

I think master supports, that stable does not