Remap ppm input on pixracer is possible?

Hello, guys.

In past my pixracer works fine, but today my ppm port cant recognize any ppm channel.
Try reflash many time, change receivers without luck.

Can I use another pin to ppm input ?
Maybe another serial ?

FMUv4 has separate RC_IN

Currently they used this port, how can I find another port for ppm ?

Very strange problem with pixracer, ppm completely false but sumd works fine with same receiver.

With same firmware and receiver, pixhawk works fine with ppm mode.

Have you tried another Pixracer? Maybe it’s a hardware issue.

I’d also suggest backin up your parameters and then reverting them all to stock. More a sanity check than anything, just to be sure a parameter change isn’t to blame.

Another pixracer dont have, but my pixhawk 2.4.8 works fine.

Yea, I try reset to defaults, try recompile firmware to defaults with no success.