Reliability of timestamp in log (parameters vs MAV-Link)

Hi together,

I’m flying a drone equipped with a parachute rescue system. So that the propellers do not cut the lines of the parachute, the engines are stopped before the ejection. This is done via a MAV Link Command from the rescue system to the PixHawk.

When flying without a parachute, the engines have stopped and the drone has hit the ground.

During the analysis of the log files I noticed that the engines switched off before the MAV Link Terminate Command arrived. I haven’t found a clue anywhere in the logfiles what could have caused the engines to shut down and the parachute to eject.

Therefore my question is:
Are the loggers for the Mav Link and the parameters perfectly synchronized?

Log time sequence

  1. Aux Acctuator’s rescue system (activate): 4:49.061 - 4:49.164
  2. Main Acctuators (off): 4:49.165 - 4:49.256
  3. Terminate Command of Rescue System: 4:49:537

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