Release version use strange git version

I downloaded now the current QGC Version for windows.
It does not point to a git release tag as before:
It points to the commit “78cf9bbe6” , which is on the master branch, not on the stable branch:
This hash is displayed as QGCVersion in the AppSettings view: “78cf9bbe6”

git show 78cf9bbe6
"commit 78cf9bbe6e3d91eff440ee51d33b7ac8a4ba8180 (tag: refs/pull/9561/merge)
Author: DonLakeFlyer
Date: Tue Apr 20 15:27:37 2021 -0700

Rework Link Settings to use Layouts and be much simpler"

Why does the QGC download not point to the latest stable version: v4.1.3 ?
What is the current recommend tag to use for merging my custom code?
(merge QGC to my code.)