Receiving custom mavlink message in QGC


Resolved the issue!
Thanks to Michael and Francis for the post on
This link talks about rebuilding mavproxy when new custom message is added. After rebuilding, I am able to receive custom message on QGC.


I am working of Qgroundcontrol and i want to receive distance sensor message at custom command widget with the help of QML file.
So, If anyone have distance sensor receive message QML code file please share with me and guide me.


Hi everybody,

Im sending a mavlink_msg_named_value_int message, i receive it properly but i dont know in wich parameters the data is stored. I want to know the name of the parameters to put the info on a custom widget.
Can someone help me with this?



how do you send the data of the distance sensor?
Probably, your are in the same point that me, see the data on the Qgc UI


Qml does not have access to all mavlink messages. Only the values which are plumbed through vehicle.


yes, I am also trying to receive distance sensor data in custom widget.


I am able to receive Lidar distance sensor data at analyze widget plot in Qgroundcontrol but I want to receive this data at custom widget in Qgroundcontrol.

I downloaded Qgroundcontrol source code and I was searching the analyze plot widget code in source code but i didnt get.

And you know where is code of analyze plot widget in source code of Qgroundcontrol.

Please help me.


How can i use mavlink telemetry with dragon link Version 3?


@Bean Set it up according to DragonLink’s instructions on how to connect the Rx to a Pixhawk. PeteFliesDrones might be a good start. You can also check out the RCGroups forum.

Good luck.


Hi, I send the data on a custom message and i can see it in analyze window without changing the code. But, for now, i really dont know how to create in the code a new widget.

Exists the option of the custom widget thats provides QGC but, there you can only show the same parameters that QGC shows in Settings.

when you want to find something on a code, de best way to find it, for me, its to use the CTRL+F command, in this case, in Github you can use the option Find File. If you write Analyze ther you can probably find all you need to start, but dont forget to try to understand the code cause prbably there are more files involucred that those that Find File shows you.

Sorry for my English, i really dont know more about it, Im learning too


Hello! Thz for the reply. But in my case I’m not using pixhawk with ardupilot autopilot firmware, I’m using pixhawk with PX4 autopilot firmware. So, that’s my big problem, I can’t configure and don’t know how to configure parameters in PX4 firmware for dragonlink V3. If you konw, please help me and I’m really love to get help from you.
Thanks you very much.


I personally don’t use DragonLink but it shouldn’t matter whether you use ArduPilot or PX4 Pro stack. They both use MavLink so I’d set it up according to their instructions for the Rx and Tx.

Good luck.


I’m really appreciated for your help. I’ll wait for your instructions.
Thanks you very much.


Have you watched this? It should at least get you going.

Good luck.


Yeah, I’ve downloaded that and already watched it but it can’t help for PX4.:cry::cry::cry:


Have you gone through DragonLink’s instructions?

Good luck.


Ofcourse, I’ve done those instruction, its easy and work well with ardupilot and Pixhawk but in PX4 don’t know where to configure parameter for dragonlink.


Anyone knows how to send a MAV_CMD_USER_1 command? It´s defined on Mavlink 2.0 but QGC dont let me send it.


Thanks for your time


QGC is sending the command and the vehicle is reporting back that it does not support it. This has nothing to do with QGC.


Okey, but now I´m using a Arduino Mega with the mavlink 2.0 version included and the message alert still appearing. So, i dont understand why i cant send this command